Best Activity Trackers Reviews

When you jog or exercise regularly, do you actually know how many calories you have burnt or how much energy you have spent? Tracking such stats is important for knowing whether you are doing your best to stay in good shape. When you jog outdoors, it’s not like there’s a treadmill heart rate monitor to tell you how fast you are exerting yourself.

Luckily, we live in the age of smartphones. Now you can have an activity tracker strapped to your wrist while your smartphone collects vital fitness data such as your heart rate, the number of strides you have taken or the distance you have been running.

Best Activity Trackers

There are many more types of data activity trackers can collect. You can later analyze this data to figure out how you are faring. If you are an older person, you can show data like heart rate when jogging to your physician for better medical examination results.

Thanks to the popularity of activity trackers, the tech market is flooded with them. However, only the top-quality ones can actually accurately take in statistics like your heart rate. Here is a list of top-quality activity trackers fitness buffs can rely on

Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit

Best Activity Trackers

From the trusted navigation gadget maker Garmen, this is definitely a high-end activity tracker known to generate highly accurate results. It mainly tracks the heart rate and then calculated other important information such as calories burnt. The tracker comes with a corresponding smartphone app.

You will get tracker notifications on your smartphone with texts, ringing tunes or vibrations.

The tracker itself can give you notifications of text massages, calls, or other social media alerts that your phone gets while you are exercising. This tracker is highly useful if you want to track your performance when exercising outdoors.

The tracker has a bright LED display with large letters easy to read while jogging. You can instantly get stats such as distance run, calories burnt, heart rate, floors climbed, day time or intense exercise minutes.

It’s recommended to keep this tracker on whenever you go for a walk or a jog. It will help you keep in touch with your performance. This tracker sports a unisex design and comes in a charming blue color. It looks just like a wristwatch when wearing.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Activity Tracker

This is actually a smartwatch with excellent activity tracker feathers. Wear this during exercise both indoors and outdoors to get highly accurate readings of your heart rate.

Even if you don’t exercise, you can wear this smartwatch in case you have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring of your heart rate.

You can easily keep a record of fitness statistics regarding each of your workouts with this smartwatch tracker. One of the biggest advantages of this tracker is that it has GPS connectivity.

It can notify you of the route you are taking when you are out jogging or power walking. The tracker can be connected to your smartphone so you can get notifications of important calls or texts while on the run.

You can sync this tracker with apps like Gmail and Facebook. Vibration notification can be set on the tracker. It’s also very comfortable to wear and will not slip off when you upper arms become sweaty.

Alta Fitness Tracker

This is a budget fitness tracker with high-quality features. This tracker will help you collect a vast amount of data related to your health such as heart rate when jogging or calories you have burnt in a session.

The tracker has a high-end OLED screen to clearly view stats while on the go.

It also shows current date and time. Quite neatly, you can wear this tracker at night to keep a record of your sleeping times. You can later make sure you are sleeping healthy. The tracker has an in-built alarm function too.

This tracker has a lovely exterior so you won’t feel awkward wearing it in public. A variety of band colors are available to suit all tastes. When synched with your smartphone, you will get SMS alerts and call notices as well.

This is a 24/7 fitness tracker that you can wear throughout the day to keep track of your health and wellbeing. Alta is highly recommended for true fitness buffs.

Garmin vívofit Fitness Activity Tracker

The vívofit activity tracker can be deceptive with its simplicity. It can show you a host of data related to your health, including calories burned, distance, steps taken, time, step count, and heart rate among others.

In addition, there are features such as goal tracker and move reminder.

You can set fitness goals and track your performance with the goal tracker features. Movement reminder can be useful when you need to change your workout routine in a timely manner.

This tracker is water resistant, so sweat will not damage it. You can easily wipe it with a damp cloth to keep clean so it doesn’t start smelling with prolonged use.

You can actually immerse this tracker in water up to 1 feet in depth for 30 minutes. The battery power on this one is quite impressive. The battery can last up to a year before requiring replacement.

Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

This is a truly unique fitness tracker that allows users to record the usual fitness data on a regular basis. It can be worn on a 24/7 basis to get data on your sleep cycle as well. There’s a gentle vibration alarm to wake you up in the mornings if needed.

This tracker has a bright OLED display so it’s hard to miss the numbers and letters on the screen even during daytime. It’s also very comfortable to wear all day.

This tracker syncs wireless to smartphones, tablets, computers and over 150 devices running in iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. It’s also water resistant so you can wear is when drizzling or sweating profusely. Battery can last up to 5 days depending on use.

Conclusion: If you are buying a fitness tracker, do invest in a good on like of the mentioned ones above. Cheap trackers may not last long, and worse, may give you inaccurate data. So, read customer and professional reviews before you buy a fitness tracker and choose a good one that fits your needs and budget.

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