Best Spark Plug Wire Sets Reviews

Spark plug wires are a component located inside your car’s engine. Engines can wear out, and the spark plug wires make sure they can power up even when the batteries are drained. Without the spark plug wire, your engine will not restart. Of course, buying a spark plug wire is not a simple consumer affair.

Best Spark Plug Wire

Unless you know a lot about cars, it can be difficult to understand what type of spark plug wire your vehicle needs.

You can get recommendation from an auto mechanic, but there’s no guarantee that you will end up with a good product. To make sure you end up with the best spark plug wire inside your car’s engine, refer to the products listed below

ACDelco 9748RR Professional Spark Plug Wire Set

Best Spark Plug Wire

If you look at this product, you will know that this is a rather fancy spark plug set. Despite looks, it is highly affordable and is also quite tough. The plug wires are made from high tensile fiberglass and silicone insulators.

These materials provide strength, power and incredible ability to withstand high temperatures and heat. You will never have to worry about the spark plugs getting fried when in use.

This spark plug wire set is designed to be compatible with almost every vehicle. The set is durable, thanks to the silicone and fiberglass coatings. As for installation, you will not require any expert knowledge.

Of course, knowing something about your car’s engine will help.

It’s recommended to go to an auto mechanic to get these wires put in, even if you know your car like the back of your hand. This spark plug set delivers optimal performance and you will never have trouble restarting the engine while on the road.

NGK 54058 Spark Plug Wire Set


This is a highly reliable spark plug wire that will not give out anytime soon following installation. It is versatile and fits just about any car model. The wires are highly durable and easy to service. This product offers consistent quality in comparison to other spark plug wires available in the market.

The wires are tested to be resilient, and offer optimal performance. The spark plug wires are made from tough and high quality material that will last a long time insider your vehicle’s engine.

This affordable set of spark plug wires are known to meet the strict auto industry standards. If your car’s engine is relatively new, this spark plug wire will be well suited.

It’s even quite suited for older car models, though you may want to double check on the compatibility. You will not be disappointed in this product. Overall, this is a solid spark plug wire that provides great returns on money spent.


MSD 32829 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set


This 8.5 mm spark plug wires are designed with super conductors in mind. Uniquely, this spark plug wire offers more conductivity than usual, and far less resistivity. So this spark plug wire essentially meets the highest industry standards for electrical soundness of spark plug wires.

It’s made from triple refined copper alloy, which is a material well known for its amazing conductive capabilities. Copper spark plug wires are highly recommended for vehicles of almost every model. And this is one of the best copper spark plug wires money can buy.

Design wise, this spark plug wire has three coats of the refined copper alloy. The reason is that the coatings can act like an external shield against heat generated when the wire is in use.

Plus, it protects the wire against wear and tear. The inner core of the spark plug wire is made from ferromagnetic material.

It therefore ensures a highly effective EMI. In addition to excellent functionality, you can also buy this spark plug wire set in different colors to match your car’s exterior.


ACDelco 748UU GM Original Equipment Spark Plug Wire Set


This spark plug wire set was originally custom build for General Motors cars. However, GM has since extended the functionality of this spark plug wire so it fits inside many engine models. It is compatible with any non GM car model, according to the manufacturer.

Just to be on the safe side, you should ask a professional mechanic if this spark plug wire would be suitable for your car’s engine. It most likely will be.

This spark plug wire comes with superb specs true to the GM brand. The wire is completely rust proof and will not corrode with use. It has a very high retention tendency that gets better with use. Also, the spark plug wire set is build to be compact.

As a result, it fits inside any engine in a highly space efficient manner. Installation is quick and swift as well. Considering the durability this spark plug wire set offers, it is well worth the price.[/su_note]


MSD 32819 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set


This spark plug wire set is highly recommended for those who prefer to go on extended road trips. This wire set is known to be highly durable and resilient to conditions on the road. It is also highly powerful so it can fire up even an engine that is totally exhausted out of power. It is made from copper alloy material, so you can rely on the quality as well. If offers excellent conductivity and very little resistance.

This spark plug is suitable for aging engines as well, thanks to the extra power. When you want a spark plug wire set that you can rely on without a doubt, go with this product.


Conclusion: The above listed spark plug wires are some of the popular and best known in the market. You should have no problem fitting one inside your vehicle, unless your engine is rather unique.

You should buy one of the above just to keep a spare spark plug wire just in case. It is highly recommended to purchase an additional spark plug wire if you are planning on driving out for prolonged periods of time. The products listed above are highly reliable and investing in one will generate great returns on the long term.

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