Best Tattoo Kits Reviews

Tattoo kits can save money for serious artists. A kit comes with a host of essential and complementary accessories, which, if you are to buy individually, would cost a lot of money.

Best Tattoo Kits

So, if you are a beginner or professional level tattoo artist, here is a list of the best tattoo kits making wave in the market

EyePower 6 Gun Tattoo Kit

This tattoo kits comes in a carrying case that looks like a briefcase. It’s highly compact and portable so you can take your tattoo supplies anywhere with you. You can also lock the carrying case for safety (keys are provided with the package.

This high-quality kit is manufactured by Gun Kit, one of the best recognized names in the game. This is a complete 6 gun tattoo kit. The 10 wrap coil gun is ready to use as soon as you power it up. Accessories provided include needles, power supply and a very convenient foot pedal.

These things are hard to find. In addition, you will receive an instructions manual with a DVD and a practice skin. This is a great tattoo kit for artists who want to learn and perfect their skills. The tattoo gun is powered by an outlet with 110v to 220v of power. The manufacturer will send an appropriate wall socket to comply with your country’s energy standards.

The gun is quite powerful but is very easy to handle. The 10 wrap coil is perfect for drawing hard lines as well as smooth ones. This kit is suitable for use even in wintry cold weather.

Pirate Face GRINDER Complete Tattoo Kit

A trusted brand in the tattooing industry, the Pirate Face Grinder tattoo kit is the whole deal. This tattoo kit comes highly recommended for artists of all calibers, whether you are a beginner, an apprentice or a professional tattoo artist.

The kit includes a 10 coil, 4 tattoo machine gun, 7 bottles of vibrant tattoo ink, needles, ink cups, gloves, grips, and a free tattoo instruction DVD and a 240 page manual. Also included is a very convenient carrying case.

The tattoo ink is of very high quality and all are made in the U.S. The tattoo ink in this kit is an upgrade from the previously used version. The power supply for the tattoo machine is provided with the kit. The manufacturer provides a 6 month warranty for it and the tattoo gun.

This kit is suitable to use for learning. Overall, this is a wonderful kit with parts you can count on. The tattoo gun is a solid performer and the ink wells will last quite long.

DragonHawk Complete Professional Tattoo Kit

This kit is perfect for complementing the tattoo artist’s unique style. It comes with top-notch parts and all of it amounts to a complete package. The tattoo gun is quite powerful and has a unique power system (provided in the kit).

The tattoo gun is also quite durable and easy to handle as well. The gun is well poised to take a stationary posture as you try to steady your hands. Also included are a number of ink wells and cups. This kit comes with 20 bottles of long-lasting ink.

You won’t get a variety like this with other tattoo kits. There are over 100 ink cups provided to mix and measure as you like. You will get a massive number of shades using this kit.

Other components of the kit include grips for the tattoo gun machine and adjusting tools among others. A synthetic skin fabric is provided to practice on before you try the tattoo gun on real skin.

The kit also comes with over 50 needles with quality defined. This is a highly comprehensive tattoo kit that includes basically all the accessories a serious tattoo artist needs.

Eyepower Attu 2 Machine Gun Tattoo Kit

This Eyepower kit is designed especially for new and trainee tattoo artists. It’s suitable for professionals as well, especially as a backup tattoo kit.

This comprehensive kit include two ready-to-use 10 wrap coil guns, 50 assorted sterile needles, foot pedal, power supply, 2 steel grips, 2 unique empaistic grips, 8 steel tips, 7 ink wells, 100 cups, disposable gloves, stencil paper, fake skin for practice, and an instruction DVD.

The tattoo accessories come inside a lockable case. Keys are included to unlock upon arrival.

The tattoo guns perform exceptionally well. The two machines can be utilized both for lines and shading. They are powerful and resilient as well. Thanks to the foot pedal and clip cord, the guns can be handled easily without any major issues.

The inks are of excellent quality and shade really well. New shades can be made by blending the red, white, blue, green, black, yellow and purple ink colors. The kit has more than enough accessories for a beginner to start with.

DragonHawk Complete Tattoo Kit

This is a special tattoo kit best suited for artists with at least some experience. However, beginners can benefit as well. This tattoo comes with guns in 4 standard tunings for fine lining, lining, shading and coloring.

The tattoo gun machines have copper coils with steel frames for stability and resilience. A patented power supply system is provided with the kit.

Accessories include 50 high quality needles that are already sterilized, practice skin, 4 pieces of steel tattoo machine grips, a set of adjustment tools, 20 bottles of immortal ink, 304 steel tips, disposable grips, instructions manual and a big carrying case.

The case is lockable and comes with a key. The best feature of this kit is the ink.The immortal ink is made in the U.S. and is vegan friendly.

This smooth liquid shades consistency and the colors are very vibrant. This kit is highly recommended for professionals and comes with a risk-free guarantee.

Conclusion: Buy the best tattoo kits after checking out all the accessories provided. If possible, choose the kit that best fits your level of expertise. Some kits are intended for beginners while others are more suited for professionals.

It all depends on your preferences and needs. Invest in a branded kit that comes with a guarantee. Pay special attention to what the material is made of, especially the inks before buying.

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