Best Train Sets Reviews

Train sets may be one of the more traditional toy options out there but, for many people, they are one of the best. There is a real thrill in developing a train network in the comfort of your own home. This is a hobby which could easily last you many years.

Best Train Sets

In fact, many children who are given toy train sets will develop a passion for modelling for the rest of their lives. It is an incredibly fun hobby too with a plethora of different trains and sets on the market. On this page, we are going to go through five of the best train sets available.

WolVol Big Train Tracks Set

Best Train Sets

This is the perfect ‘starter’ train set. It is aimed at the youngest of children out there. It is easy to assemble and children as young as three would have no issues putting it together. Younger than that and they may need some ‘adult’ help but, for the most part, they are going to be fine playing it on their own, albeit with some supervision.

This train set is packed to the brim with all sorts of accessories that can really enhance the play experience for your child. For example, working traffic lights. The plastic construction of this play set means that it is going to be really solid to use and last an incredibly long amount of time.buynowamazon

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Train Set


This is one of the most popular wooden toy sets in the world. This should come as no surprise really. It is solidly built. There are over 100 different track sections to be found in this kit, which means that your child will be able to put together all sorts of weird and wonderful train sets!

In addition to the train track sections, you will find 30 accessories that your child can use. One of the great things about this kit, and something which many a reviewer has highlighted, is the fact that it is just so easy to set up and disassemble.

The large parts means that this is a kit which you can have your child play with when there is little in the way of supervision. The whole design of the toy train set is going to be incredibly safe for children, so you are not going to have any issues here! Of course, the wooden design of the kit means that it is going to last an age!


Lionel Polar Express Train Set

Best Train Sets

This is a kit for the more advanced children out there, with an age rating of eight to fifteen years. This train set is based upon the Polar Express train from the popular Christmas movie of the same name.

This is a remote controlled train. This means that your child is going to have full control over it. One of the major benefits of this particular train is the fact that it boasts an O Gauge track. This means that you can easily expand the track that you use with this train. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of the track that you need.

You get 8 pieces of track in the kit, although there is a second kit available which provides you with more track should you need it. You get a good range of figures in the kit and the actual train is very detailed.

This is a very solidly built kit and it comes in at a wonderful price. If you are looking to get your child set up in the world of ‘proper’ model railways, then this is the route that you should go down.


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set

Train Sets Reviews

We are going to go back to the kits for the younger generation with this one. This set comes complete with a table which makes it very easy to set up. It also ensures that you do not have to worry about stepping on the toys that your child has left hanging around!

There are plenty of accessories packed into this kit. This means your child is going to be able to go ‘crazy’ when it comes to the design of the toy. It is easy to set up.

Of course, this kit has been built for children. This means that it is going to be completely safe for them to use. The parts are large enough that you are not going to have to worry about them swallowing them! One of the wonderful things about this wooden kit is the fact that it has been designed to ensure that it is completely damage proof. Play with this wooden toy kit as much as you like and you are not going to have to worry about scratches appearing on it at all! It really is going to be that rugged!


Bachmann Thoroughbred Train Set


Our last train toy comes from Bachmann. The trains that you find in this kit look absolutely stunning and they come in at a very affordable price too.

The track in this kit has been designed to be easy to snap together. You will even be able to expand the length of the track. Bachmann sell a number of affordable track kits which you can use on this system. It is not a standardized system, so look elsewhere if you want that but, for the most part, you are not going to need to look beyond the Bachmann range as there is just so much in it, including other trains which look as detailed as the options that you have here!

Remember, there are a lot of different trains on the market that you can use. Make the right choice when it comes to your child. Find something that is going to stimulate their mind. There is a train toy option out there for everybody, including those adults that want to unwind and have a little bit of fun from time to time! Always read reviews to make sure you purchase the best kit for you.


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