Best Travel Power Adapters Reviews

As you travel around the world, you will very quickly realize that no power supply is the same. The plugs are different, the frequency that the electricity operates at is different. Therefore, you need a power supply. Of course, you can’t just go out there and pick out any old power supply.

Best Travel Power Adapters

That isn’t any good. You are going to be having some pretty expensive electrical equipment plugged into it, so you need to make sure that it is well protected. This, of course, means that you are going to need to put a decent amount of thought into the travel power adapter that you pick up. That is why we have put together this guide. We are going to run you through five of the best power travel adapters on the market right now.

Kensington K33117 International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter


Right at the top of the list we are going to put this product from Kensington. This is because this manufacturer is well-known for producing some absolutely sublime products at pretty low prices. If you purchase a Kensington product, then you know for sure that it is going to last as long as possible. The International All-in-One Travel Plug adapter is one of the most popular in their range.

One of the things that we love about this adapter is just how versatile it is. Now, with the majority of adapters on the market, you are going to need to purchase one that is specific for the country that you are visiting. This is going to be a bit of a hassle if you are planning on visiting multiple countries in one go. This is where this plug comes into play. By toggling the various sliders on the side, you will be able to get this plug adapter working in almost every single country in the world. This makes it perfect for both business and leisure travel.


Ceptics 3 Outlet Travel Adapter Plug Type C


Next up on our list is this product from Ceptics. This one has been designed only for use in Europe, some parts of Asia and in Turkey. This particular adapter has, mainly, been built for use with a British plug, although there are a few variations of this adapter that are available and the unit can be configured to work in conjunction with most plugs bar South African ones.

One of the wonderful things about this plug is that you will be able to connect up to three devices to it at once. This is quite nifty as it means that you are only going to need to carry around one adapter instead of two or three.

This unit has been built to deal with up to 3,000 watts, 250 volts and 13 amperes. Basically, it is incredibly well-built.


Ceptics UP-5KP International Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug


If you travel a lot, then you are going to love this little kit bag. It comes with adapter plugs for almost every single country in the world. All of them are clearly labelled which means that you are going to know exactly what country each plug fits. The best part is that it all comes in a rather handy kit bag, which means you can store all of the plugs when you are not using them. The kit bag is useful for those longer trips when you want to keep everything that you need ‘to hand’.

Of course, it is worth noting at this stage that these plugs are not going to be suitable for converting voltages. You will need a converter for some of your appliances. However, for the majority of purposes these are going to be more than sufficient for what you want to do.


BESTEK 200W Travel Voltage Converter with 6A 4 USB Charging Ports


Next up on our list is this converter. This converter is absolutely vital if you are looking to travel with expensive electronic devices. There are many people out there who will just plug their electronic devices into the wall without thinking about it. These people end up with broken devices as the voltages or the amps are just too high. This plug will help to counter that.

One of the things that we really love about this travel power adapter is the fact that it comes with USB charging ports. This means that you will be able to plug in and charge your phone and other USB items whenever you wish. The best part about this is the fact that you are not going to need to worry about taking up a plug socket on the wall. This is great because, as we all know, hotels around the globe are notorious for not having enough space to plug in everything that you want to plug in!


Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set

Best Travel Power Adapters

Next up is this plug adapter set from Ceptics. This is another kit that comes in a bag. This kit should be fine to work with electric systems all around the globe. This is another kit which is going to be immensely handy for the business traveler, or just people who love to have a bit of a vacation around the globe at various points throughout the year.

When you are in the market for a travel adapter kit, and we are sure you are since you are on this page, you are going to want to think long and hard about the type of adapter that you are purchasing. Obviously, you want to make sure that it is going to fit the plug socket of the area that you are travelling to. In addition to this, you are going to want to make sure that it is able to convert the plug that you have. As mentioned numerous times on this page, if you are going to be travelling around the world with a great deal of regularity, then you may actually want to pick up a dedicated travel kit instead.


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