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Best Accordions 2019 Reviews

Accordions are classic musical instruments that never go out of style. These “pianos in a box” are still quite popular among bands, professional musicians and parade goers. The accordion is also one of the most fun instruments to learn as a child. Budding musicians who master this instrument will find it much easier to master pianos and keyboards later.

Best Accordions 2019

Because accordions are popular among kids, most accordions available in the market are toys. If you really want to learn, you will need a professional, adult-sized accordion. Here is a list of some of the best accordions available in the market (in no particular order)


This piano accordion is designed in the classic style, and is the perfect starter instrument for aspiring pianists. This accordion comes with 25 keys tuned to piano tremble, and has 12 bass and chords buttons.

It’s quite remarkably designed in the Old European, Italian style with charming adornments and authentic sheepskin corners.

The howls have 16 creases to generate the best and clearest sound. Overall, the design will last decades and you could very likely pass this down as a family heirloom.

This accordion measures 12.5 inches in length, 6 inches in width and 14 inches in height. It has an adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is as comfortable as it could be. There are PU calfskin shoulder straps to prevent chafing and straining.

It won’t cut into the shoulder unless you wear it for 4 hours or more. The strap holds up the musical instrument quite well.

The accordion can be locked in a hard case (keys are provided). Thanks to grill cloth component, this accordion is louder than most and is therefore very suitable for use in bands.

Fever Piano Accordion 25 Keys 12 Bass, White
11 Reviews
Fever Piano Accordion 25 Keys 12 Bass, White
  • 25 Piano Treble Keys
  • 12 Bass/Chords Buttons
  • Dimensions: 12.5 inches in Length, 6 Inches Width and 14 inches Height
  • Includes Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Includes Hardcase with lock and keys


This is a smaller than average according designed especially for children. Young adults who want to learn can also use this instrument. However, it might be too small (the keys especially) for adults to use.

It’s very light so even toddlers can hold and use. It comes with a left-hand strap for bolstering and a thumb rest for the right hand. Unfortunately, this set up makes this accordion only playable to right handed players. Young left-handed players will have some trouble getting used to it.

The accordion only has 7 treble keys and 2 bass buttons to make learning easy. The sound it generates is gentle and playful, well suited for children’s tastes. Kids can slam on the keys without an issue as this accordion is quite durable. This instrument is intended for children aged 4 and up. Young ones can play away and improvise to get used to the device.

The exterior of this accordion has a lovely black classic finish so it doesn’t necessarily look like a toy. However, you can use this accordion in other colors as well. This is a great toy for kids on birthdays and Christmas.

SKY Accordion Butterfly Pattern 7 Button 2 Bass Kid Music Instrument Easy to Play
  • This adorable children's Accordion is ideal for toddlers and kids.
  • Features 7 treble buttons and 2 bass buttons.
  • Projects a nice warm accordion sound that's sure to entertain.
  • Ideal for ages 4 and up, easy to play.
  • Beautiful Butterfly Pattern Finish.


This is an authentic and true diatonic accordion intended for professional players. It has a genuine double reed design and Bisonoric style handcrafted valves. There are three rows of treble buttons and two rows of bass buttons (eight in each row).

It’s tuned to the GCF key. The accordion comes with a secure hardshell case. The black straps are quite sturdy to hold it without risking a fall. Thanks to the higher number of keys, this accordion is perfectly capable of producing complex and varied sounds.

This accordion can be used to to learn to be a professional player, or in professional music settings. It’s also suitable for one-person bands who love performing.

The special red exterior can be quite wonderful looking. This is the ideal instrument for those who are true enthusiasts of the accordion.

Full Size 31 Button Red/White/Green Diatonic Accordion Key of SOL G,C,F, with Hardshell Case, Back Straps, Stainless Steel Grill & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucen Blue Pick
  • True Diatonic Accordion, Double Reed
  • 3 Rows of 31 Treble Buttons, 2 Rows of 8 Bass Buttons
  • Bisonoric, Handcrafted Valves, Stainless Steel Grill
  • Soft Play Bellows, Key of GCF
  • Includes: Hardshell Case & Set of Back Straps


This entry-level accordion is designed for adult or young adult players who are genuinely interested in learning. This accordion has been improved from the previous model. The newer version features a tactile key response that is sturdier than ever before.

The reeds are pre-tuned in tremolo and the overall construction is quite resonant. It has 26 keys and 12 bass buttons, so the instrument is perfectly capable of creating in rich and vibrant sounds. The range is G-G.

The body of this accordion is a stunning red that will surely attract the attention of listeners. It’s in the notable Italian style so beginners can learn using the real thing. It also comes in quite a fancy carrying case that locks.

If you have large fingers, this accordion will be quite easy to use.It weighs 12.5 pounds, which is lighter than most classic accordions.The accordion features a separate button as a breather, an air outlet buttons and a button to release the bellows.

The downside is that players who are used to larger 120 button accordions will have to get used to the fewer treble buttons.

Hohner Accordions 1303-RED 12 Bass Entry Level Piano Accordion, Red
8 Reviews
Hohner Accordions 1303-RED 12 Bass Entry Level Piano Accordion, Red
  • 12 Bass; Red body with 26 Keys
  • Range G-G
  • 2 Sets of Reeds
  • Tremolo Tuning


This accordion has only 10 treble keys and 2 bass keys, so it’s best suited for children who want to learn to play the accordion seriously. It’s designed specially with ease of use in mind so kids will not have trouble holding it or playing.

It has 4 treble reeds and is tuned to the key of C. It’s also designed with 4 treble stops. The key mechanism has been improved for easy playing. It’s a Cajun accordion, so it’s best suited for Cajun and similar sounding musical styles like Zydeco.

This instrument has been designed to promote smooth action and play.

So it naturally has a better response and sound projection times. Such a feature can be extremely handy when learning to play as a beginner.

Hohner CAJUNIV 10-Key Accordion
2 Reviews
Hohner CAJUNIV 10-Key Accordion
  • 10 Treble Keys
  • 2 Bass Keys
  • 4 Treble Reeds, Key of C
  • Designed with 4 Treble Stops

Conclusion: There are no standard accordion designs. So you will have to choose the one that best suits your intentions. Buy a kids accordion if you want children to learn.

Adult accordions are best suited for older teenagers and adults if intended for learning. Do pay attention to the weight of the instrument if you plan on carrying it around. Try to buy an according with shoulder pads for straps for comfort.

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