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Best Audio Mixers 2019 Reviews

Audio mixers are not devices intended just for professional musicians. You can buy an audio mixer for home for better sound on home theaters, computers or inside your car. An audio mixer is a device that consolidates audio signals from different devices and produces one single sound that sounds as if there’s only one source for the music.

You can control the volume, timbre and tone of the audio to your liking to get the best sound. Do mind that you will need to know how to use one if you intend to buy an audio mixer.

Best Audio Mixers 2019

There are traditional mixers and digital mixers that you buy based on your preference. Digital mixers offer more features, including disc mixing. They may also sync with other devices. If you want the best sound, you will need a high-quality audio mixer. Refer to this list to choose the best audio mixers in the market.


Many people call the Behringer Xenyx 302USB the best audio mixer currently available in the market for an affordable price. It has plenty of features even the cynics can love. This audio mixer is ultra compact for ease of use and portability.

It’s also a low noise disturbance mixer, so you can use it without a worry with an audio interface or a USB. It only needs a USB wire and a port for powering up. You can also use the external adapter provided in case you don’t have a USB outlet.

This audio mixer has built-in stereo interface that connects directly to a computer. It also comes with high-end XENYX Mic Preamps, which can stand its own against boutique preamps. The pramps are phantom powered. The music sound this mixer generates is quite warm thanks to 2-band graphic EQ in the popular British style.

You can enjoy truly superior grade sound and the convenience of digital technology. Overall, this audio mixer offers excellent value for your money.

Behringer XENYX 302USB Mixer
1 Reviews
Behringer XENYX 302USB Mixer
  • Ultra-compact and ultra-low noise analog mixer with USB/Audio interface Powered through USB or external adaptor Built-in stereo USB/Audio interface to connect directly to your computer Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins and ultra-low latency driver downloadable State-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps Neo-classic "British" 2-band graphic EQ for warm and musical sound 2-Track i


If you want a comprehensive sound love, you will need this state-of-the-art audio mixer. It comes equipped with a superb ReadyFX sound engine that can create 16 versatile effects including chorus, delays and reverbs.

For tuning a monitor or a main, it has a graphic EQ with 7 bands. Plus, it comes with aux output ports for mixer monitors. The system is 70 volt. All channels have a 100Hz low-cut filter and an EQ with 3 bands for pristine sound quality.

This audio mixer delivers impeccable sonic sounds on a wide range of models. This mixer is highly suitable for professional users for any sound-related use. The branded preamps are designed solely for producing sound live, so you can use this in bands or live converts.

The powerful engine is supplemented with accessories and features like USB-powered playback or recording, GEQ, and a professional use flexible I/O.

This tool kit makes features like graphic equalization, channel insertion, footswitchable FX mute and ProFXv2 possible. It’s also compatible with ProFX8v2, ProFX12v2, ProFX16v2, ProFX22v2 and ProFX30v2.

Mackie, B Box, 12-channel (PROFX12V2)
325 Reviews
Mackie, B Box, 12-channel (PROFX12V2)
  • Be sure that the volume of the input is the same as it would be during normal use, or you may have to readjust the gain in the middle of a set
  • 6 low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps add life to any input. ReadyFX effects engine with 16 effects including reverbs, delays, and choruses
  • 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors. You can listen with headphones if you carefully turn up the channel fader and headphones level a little
  • Aux output for monitor mixes, venue 70-volt systems, and more
  • 3 band EQ 80 Hz, 2.5 kHz and 12 KHz on all channelsand 100 Hz low-cut filter on all channels


This is a premium grade audio mixer that promises super low noise. This is a classic style analogue mixer with high headroom. It performs amazingly giving you the best value for your money.

You can get professional sounding quality for fraction of the price of expensive audio mixers used in studios. It has desirable features such as British style EQs. The build is quite rugged for prolonged and heavy use.

This audio mixer has 5 input inlets and 2 bus ports. It comes with a XENYX mic preamp that is compatible with both condenser and dynamic microphones. It’s perfect for generating warm sounds over harsh ones produced by many audio misers in similar price ranges.

You can play music with CD or tape inputs in the traditional style.

Recording is also possible on an outboard recording device (RCA is the most compatible brand.) You can assign main mix or control phones to this audio mixer as well.

Behringer Xenyx 502 Premium 5-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamp and British EQ
696 Reviews
Behringer Xenyx 502 Premium 5-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamp and British EQ
  • Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • State-of-the-art, phantom powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  • Neo-classic "British" 2-band EQ for warm and musical sound
  • Main mix, stereo CD/tape plus separate headphone outputs
  • CD/tape inputs assignable to headphone output or main mix outputs. Power consumption 13 W


Considering the price, this audio mixer offers a variety of highly desirable features. It’s a minimalist mixer that favors quality over quantity. It’s quite extraordinary portable as well, so you can use this mixer between your home and a professional studio.

The mixing unit is highly accessible with up to 6 data input options. The mixer is compact too, and won’t take up too much space in a home studio. It’s intended for DJ and mobile A/V use, plus for hobbyists at home.

The total of 6 inputs include EQ Channel one and a phantom power XLR jack. Thanks to RCA inputs, seamless integration with audio and video gear is very possible.

It has quarter inch inputs for 2 to 5 channels. You can use either mono or stereo for delicate dedicated balance control when grouping stereo. The mic is very low noise and discrete for avoiding environmental noise.You can use both dynamic and condenser mics with this device without an issue. Metering is LED lit and is highly precise.

The meter will provide visual conformation of signals as you mix sounds. Each channel has peak LED. This is definitely one of the smallest and affordable audio mixers available on the market right now.

Alto Professional ZMX52 | Professional 5-Channel Compact Mixer
226 Reviews
Alto Professional ZMX52 | Professional 5-Channel Compact Mixer
  • Total Mix Control - Six total inputs with a phantom powered XLR jack on channel 1 - perfect for musicians looking for a compact, capable mixer for studio or live sound use.
  • Superior Sound Quality - High headroom circuitry offering extra dynamic range and ultra-low-noise discrete mic preamp with Phantom power
  • Tweak Your Sound - Warm, natural two-band EQ on the mono channel
  • The Ins & Outs - 1/4" Main, Tape, Headphone & Aux outputs for flexible signal routing; mic input channel with gold plated XLR and balanced line input; two additional stereo input channels
  • Everything You Demand - 2-Track inputs w/assignable bus: main mix or headphone out; highly accurate four-segment bar graph meters and Peak LEDs on each channel


This audio mixer is quite unique because it’s powered by a lithium-ion battery. The battery is incorporated into the overall design, like in a laptop. You can get about 4 hours of cordless power with the battery, after which you will have to recharge it for 6 to 8 hours.

You can charge this mixer using a laptop USB port or a wall USB outlet.
This is a DJ console with 5 channels best suitable for budget-strapped aspiring artists. It has independent channel audio EQ on 2 bands.

All control are quite smooth as well. You can also connect this audio mixer to a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops and sound equipment.

5 Channel Audio Mixer - DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Soundcard for PC Recording, XLR 3.5mm Microphone Jack, 18V Power, RCA Input and Output for Professional and Beginners - Pyle PAD20MXU
184 Reviews
5 Channel Audio Mixer - DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Soundcard for PC Recording, XLR 3.5mm Microphone Jack, 18V Power, RCA Input and Output for Professional and Beginners - Pyle PAD20MXU
  • RECORD AND CONNECT TO PC: This personal mixer has a USB soundcard and audio interface to record and connect to MAC or PC and it has universal digital audio file compatibility. Can be used by beginners or studio professional applications
  • LOW NOISE DESIGN: This portable 5 channel DJ console sound controller mixer has an ultra-low noise design with high headroom. It can mix, blend and create music with any audio equipment. It is extremely musical with 2-band EQ and Pan on each channel
  • 5 CHANNELS: The device caters multiple device connectivity because it has 5 channels. It has 1 XLR / 1/4'' jack combo microphone input, 2 RCA stereo Inputs and 2 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo output plus monitor jacks
  • LED INDICATOR LIGHTS: The recording mixer has LED indicator lights and audio signal clips for user convenience. It has input selection, knobs, master volume controls, independent channel balance and high, plus, low-frequency adjustment
  • 18V PHANTOM POWER: For the reliable power source, this DJ mixer comes with an 18V Phantom power supply. Includes USB wall adapter power supply and connection cable. It even has an integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 500mAh 3.7V

Conclusion: Do not rush to buy an audio mixer. Carefully weigh your options and research your choices before investing money. Don’t go straight for the cheapest devices either.

If you are willing to spend at least several dozen dollars more, you can get more features. Use the above mentioned audio mixers as a guide for quality and features on offer.

Cannon UPTAMB6S04H 6-Inch Single 4PRS Tambourine with Head
202 Reviews
Cannon UPTAMB6S04H 6-Inch Single 4PRS Tambourine with Head
  • Economy tambourines for any percussion need.
  • 6" Sgl 4 prs
  • With head

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