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Best Baby Floats 2019 Reviews

Most babies love being in the pool with you, getting wet and kicking their feet in the water. It can be quite tiring to hold them in your arms, however, that may not be the safest option for your child either.

This is why it is a good idea to get them a baby float that you can set up in the water with you. This way, both you and your little one will be able to enjoy themselves.

Best Baby Floats 2019

Of course, when you are buying products for your baby you need to be sure that you buy ones of the highest quality. They need to be well-built and have plenty of features. There is no need to look all over for the best options, this list contains the best baby float available online

Swimways Baby Spring Float

This SwimWays baby float is more than just a float – it is actually an activity center for your little one. It is guaranteed to keep them occupied and satisfied while they are in the water.

This float can be used by a child that is anywhere from nine months to twenty-four months old. The float is made from soft, comfortable materials so that your little one does not mind sitting in it for long periods of time.

Perhaps one of the most useful features on this float is the canopy. This canopy can either be adjusted or removed, depending on your preference.

It is perfectly situated to ensure that your baby is protected from the elements but also can see everything that is going on around them. It also has an interactive play station in the form of a 360° rotating octopus.There can be toys hung on each arm of the octopus.

There are toys already included with a squeaker, teether, soft toy, stacking rings, and rattle. Last but not least, the float comes along with its own carry case. It can easily be folded up, placed in the case, and stored for later use.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy - Inflatable Float for Children with Interactive Toys and UPF Sun Protection - Blue/Green Octopus
1,563 Reviews
SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy - Inflatable Float for Children with Interactive Toys and UPF Sun Protection - Blue/Green Octopus
  • SWIM STEPS: Baby water float designed to help babies and parents relax and enjoy the water introduction experience
  • INTERACTIVE: Adorable octopus turns 360 degrees around to face child. Its arms hold toys baby can touch and activate, including a squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, and soft touch star
  • SAFETY MINDED: Features child safety valves, dual air chambers and a patented inner spring which gives greater stability in the water. Removable canopy has mesh sides and offers UPF 50+ sun protection
  • PORTABLE: Folds easily for storage and transport in the included convenient carry case - it's a great pool float for travel!
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 34"L x 30"W x 20.5"H; Recommended for babies age 9-24 months; Toys include: 1 fish toy, 1 soft star, stacking rings, and 1 squeaker fish. Octopus and canopy are removable

Intex 59574EP My Baby Float

If you are looking for a floater that is as functional as it is affordable then this Intex model is precisely what you are looking for. Everything about this float has been designed to make sure that your baby is comfortable while remaining safe when in the water. This Intex float consists of two rings.

There is a larger, outer ring and a smaller, inner ring. This is to promote the stability of the float. There are inflated with two separate valves so there is always a failsafe in case one of the rings deflate.

Your baby will also find it quite comfortable to sit in this ring.

There are two, smooth straps that form the seat for your little one. They allow your baby to kick their feet and enjoy themselves while ensuring that they remain in the float at all times.

There is also an inflatable cushion to allow your baby to sit back and relax while in the float.The float is capable of supporting children between the ages of one and two years old. It can accommodate a weight of about fifteen kilos.

Intex My Baby Float
563 Reviews
Intex My Baby Float
  • 26-1/2" diameter
  • Pillow backrest
  • Smooth seat straps
  • Two air chambers
  • Large ring with smaller inner ring for stability

Fred’s Swim Academy SwimTrainer

If you want to help your child learn how to swim gradually and easily, then this is the best possible float for them. It has been specifically designed to ensure that your child is positioned naturally (and safely) that will aid them in learning how to swim.

The SwimTrainer is quite different to most other floats. This is because it utilizes straps to keep your child facing forwards and on their stomach. This is conducive to getting used to being in a swimming position. The straps also make sure that your child does not slip through the float.

As they are inflatable, they are actually quite comfortable. All of these features allow your little swimmer to be quite independent in the water. They don’t need to hold onto you all of the time. The entire float is made from PVC which is incredibly hardy.

This makes it less likely for there to be any punctures or any other type of issues. This float can be used by children from as little as three months old all the way up to four years old. It is capable of holding up to forty pounds.

Fred's Swim Academy Toddler SwimTrainer Classic with Safety Straps - Red (3 months - 4 years)
277 Reviews
Fred's Swim Academy Toddler SwimTrainer Classic with Safety Straps - Red (3 months - 4 years)
  • INDEPENDENCE - This swim float provides ideal swimming position, safety & independence in the water.
  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE - This water float is designed to make your child feel comfortable while learning to swim. Introduce your toddler to the water and let them enjoy paddling their feet.
  • PROTECTION - The safety straps ensure protection to your child. It is fast and easy to put on with patented clip fastener.
  • PERFECT GIFT - Thinking of what to give to your loved ones? This water float is perfect gift for all occasions!
  • QUALITY and SAFETY - Made of robust PVC and tested by TUV & GS. This toddler swimtrainer is still waiting for its American Patent but we guarantee that it's phthalate free and is safe to use by your child.

Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float

This colorful and versatile baby float is the perfect way to ensure that your baby is safe and happy when in the water. The float is made from tough and durable 10 gauge vinyl. This makes it quite resistant to damage, not to mention it will last you quite a while as well. Your child will be quite comfy inside of this float.

There is a full seat for them to rest on and smooth leg holes where they can put their legs through. To top it all off, there is a fun and inflatable sunshade attached to the float.

This keeps your child protected from harmful rays the entire time that they are in the pool. There are three different air chambers on this float. This makes it all the more safe for your child to use it.

This prevents the whole float from deflating at the same time. Children above the age of one are able to use this float. As long as your child weighs no more than eleven kilos, they will find it lots of fun to use this float.

Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float
217 Reviews
Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float
  • 44" x 25"
  • 10-gauge vinyl
  • Three air chambers
  • Smooth leg holes
  • Inflatable sunshade

Swim School Fish Sun Shade Baby Float

This float is the ultimate in comfort and is great for really young children. It is suitable for babies ranging from six to eighteen months old. If you are looking for a way to introduce your little one to water, then this is the way to go.

The seat has been well designed to ensure the maximum level of comfort. As an added bonus, there is also a ring of mesh around your baby. This allows him or her to keep their toys and play while in the pool. Another one of the perks of this baby float is the adjustable sunshade.

You can pull it either forwards or backwards, depending on how you want it.
Either way, you can be reassured knowing that your baby has the proper sun protection. You can inflate and deflate this float with the greatest of ease. Once it has been deflated, it is simple to fold up and put away.

Swim School- Confidence Building System Fish Sun Shade Baby Float
  • Swim School- Confidence Building System Fish Sun Shade Baby Float
  • Toy
  • Aqua Leisure-Domestic Toys

Conclusion: These are a great variety of baby floats for you to choose one. They are all incredibly safe and useful. You should remember, however, that none of these are safety flotation devices and that you should watch your baby at all times.

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