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Best Bodyboard 2019 Reviews

If you want to ride the waves but are not looking to invest in a surfboard, then a bodyboard is your best option. Commonly known as boogie boards, these are fun pieces of equipment to carry around with you wherever there is water. Of course, if you are planning on having a really fun, safe experience, you need the best bodyboard to help you out.

Best Bodyboard 2019

If you have already given this a go, you probably have noticed the sheer number of boards on the market. In order to take the hassle out of the decision making process, here are some boards that you should definitely be paying attention to:


This Bullet Proof Surf bodyboard is a package deal. Not only do you get a really high quality board, you also get plenty of other helpful accessories accompanying. First, let’s take a look at what the board has to offer.

The board is incredibly light, helping you to move through the water much faster. This is amplified by the EPS Core, bottom rear channels, crescent tail, and slick bottom surface.

There are three different board sizes, ranging from thirty three inches to forty one inches. There is a size chart available to decide which one is best for your height and weight. Along with the board, you also get a leash and fin tethers. The leash is incredibly comfortable and ensures that you will not drift away from your board if you fall off.

The fin tethers make certain that your swim fins stay attached at all times, regardless of how rough the current is. After you’ve purchased the board, the company contacts you to inform you how you can use all of this equipment and how to best care for your board. This bodyboard is available in pink and blue.

Bullet Proof Surf Bodyboard Pack 37 inch Ultralite - Pink
214 Reviews
Bullet Proof Surf Bodyboard Pack 37 inch Ultralite - Pink
  • The Ultra-lite Body Board package by Bullet Proof Surf comes with an Ultra-lite Body Board (just choose your size using our size recommendation chart), plus our super popular coiled Premium body board leash (normally $16.99 on its own), plus a set of Bullet Proof Surf fin tethers (normally $7.99 on their own) to make sure you don't lose your swim fins in the surf.
  • To make things easy - when you purchase you will be emailed instructions written by us (with all important photos) on how to install your leash and use your fin tethers. We'll also tell you how to look after your new Ultra-lite EPS core Body-board by leaving the board 'white side up' when in the sun. (This is the same for ALL 'soft' surfboards, Body-boards and SUP's as this stops air pressure building up within the board).
  • Buy with TOTAL confidence - these Ultralite Body Board packages from Surf and Snow Warehouse have a SERIOUS guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied on delivery your board will be replaced or refunded (you choose) - and then the board is guaranteed against any defects for a FULL 12 MONTHS. Like ALL products from Surf and Snow Warehouse these Boards are stored and shipped (quickly and reliably) to you by Amazon in the US.
  • Thank you for looking at a product from our store - Surf and Snow Warehouse. We are a small family business that ONLY sells what we know and love - water sports gear. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100% (please do check our feedback) - So if you have any questions about using any of our products please just ask. Thank you.
  • The Ultra-lite Body Board is amazingly light and features a high speed slick bottom surface, an EPS core, bottom rear channels for great performance and a crescent tail to further help performance. Just choose your colour - Blue or Pink. The Premium leash included will keep your board attached to you at all times and is super comfortable (please check its reviews), as are the fin tethers included to look after your precious swim fins.


If you are looking for a board that is going to hold up well against all types of waves, then look no further than this 662 model. There is a lot to brag about this bodyboard. For starters, it is well-designed ensuring that maximum performance is reached. It is made from the highest quality EPS Core Foam.

It also has got a crescent tail so that you can smoothly and easily ride the waves.

This board comes attached with a leash so that you will be able to always find your board. Perhaps the defining feature of this board is its durability.

Despite being tossed around or being subjected to rough waves, this board will still come on top. It is great for the user who is not afraid to get a little adventurous out on the water.

You can also use this board for longer stretches of time as well. This is because you will not have to worry about it absorbing any water. At thirty six inches, this board can easily fit most people of average height and weight.

662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)
13 Reviews
662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)
  • Color shipped may vary from color shown on website
  • Made with the highest grade EPS Core Foam
  • Has IXPE Deck material
  • Comes pre plugged with fabric wrist leash
  • Features a Crescent Tail


You will be all smiles when you are on a Lucky Bums bodyboard. This is because this board has been constructed to offer up the best in design and quality. The board boasts rear channels, 60/40 rails, and a high density polyethylene slick bottom.

All of this is so that it will move through the water without resistance and will be faster as well. It is quite buoyant meaning that you will not keep sinking beneath the waves. You are also able to maneuver the bodyboard with greater ease.

In addition to being lightweight, this Lucky Bums board is also quite tough.

It is made from high grade EPS core foam. It also caters to wave riders of all sizes. There are three different sized boards, making it ideal for children as well as adults. It has all been constructed so that everyone can experience the same level of safety and fun.

This bodyboard is equipped with its own tether, so that you do not have to make any changes to the board. You will be able to make sure that this awesome board will not be floating away from you anytime soon.

Lucky Bums Bodyboard | Select Your Color and Size
599 Reviews
Lucky Bums Bodyboard | Select Your Color and Size
  • Reading On The Beach And Getting A Tan Is Enjoyable And Relaxing, But Nothing Compares To The Thrill Of Riding A Wave. However Big Or Small You Are, The Lucky Bums Body Board Is Ready For Hours Of Fun At The Beach, River, Or Waterpark
  • The Lucky Bums Body Board Has 60/40 Rails, Rear Channels, A High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom, Which Were Designed For All Wave Conditions And Give The Board Excellent Control, More Maneuverability, And Increased Speeds And Strength
  • Durable Construction - Along With Its High-Density Polyethylene Bottom, An Engineered Eps Core Makes This Boogie Board Lightweight, Durable, And Buoyant. It'S Ready For As Many Drops And Wipeouts On The Sandbar As You Are
  • Comes With A Leash - This Board Doesn'T Require Any Modification; It'S Ready To Ride Out Of The Box. Strap The Leash To Your Wrist And Have It Secured To You Through Any Wipeout
  • Total Assurance - When You Receive A Lucky Bums Product, If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With Your Purchase, Let Us Know.


Most boards cater to individuals who are of a more average height. If you are bit taller, however, this can pose quite a problem of you. In this instance, the Wave Rebel bodyboard may prove to be a better fit for you. At forty two inches, it has been created to fit those up to six feet tall.

It is also meant for individuals who have been bodyboarding for a while now and have gained a little bit more experience.

The slick bottom ensures that these riders will be able to pick up faster speeds with them as well. The board is made from EPS core foam, meaning that it is highly durable and works great on rougher waters.

This is definitely a board that can handle itself on the water, allowing you to enjoy the experience. There is a tether attached to the bodyboard so that you do not have to bother investing in another.

This board comes in four different colors – black, orange, yellow, and red. It is also fairly reasonably priced, depending on the option that you choose.

Wave Rebel Hawaii Body Board, Red, 36'
15 Reviews
Wave Rebel Hawaii Body Board, Red, 36"
  • Designed for the beginner rider, EVA deck, EPS core and a thermal compression bottom with a crescent tail
  • Includes straight fabric leash
  • Wide Point 19.25" Tail Width 15.25" Nose Width 11" Thickness 5 cm
  • Recommended rider size 5' 0" & below and 60 & below


No products found.

If you are shopping around for one of the more affordable bodyboards on the market, the Legendary Pro X will certainly interest you. While it may be available for a cheaper price, it does not compromise on the quality. It is quite durable and you should have no trouble using it even when the surf is not so forgiving.

The boards come in different sizes, to fit riders of different heights and weights. With the choices that they have, most riders can easily be accommodated.

There are even smaller boards for children as well. There are four different style options to choose one so you get to pick the one that best suits your personality.

Due to the construction of the board, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast it can go! The Legendary Pro may be not the best bodyboard around. However, if you want a solid board that will let you have a really great time, then this is the one for you. As an added bonus, you really will not have to pay all that much for it either.

No products found.

Conclusion: If you are planning on hitting the beach soon, you don’t have to worry. Just a quick look through the bodyboards here and you will be ready to make your decision. All of these are really great and will offer up a great ride.

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