Best Light Meters 2019 Reviews

Light meters allow you to monitor the level of light falling on any given surface. It’s one of those tools you don’t think you’d need until you really do. A good light meter will provide you with highly accurate metric readings of light levels in any part of your home. Having a light meter can help homeowners save up on electricity bills.

Best Light Meters 2019

Some light meters in the market are extraordinarily expensive. However, you can definitely find a handful of gems that are affordable and also provide highly accurate readings. Here are the top low-cost but high-quality best light meters suitable for homeowner use

Sekonic L-308S Photographic Light Meter

This is a popular compact light meter that won’t cost you a fortune. It comes with a convenient open-top belt pouch to keep it when not in use. It’s a pocket-sized light meter you can easily carry around and rely on for accurate measurements.

This light meter is tested for its accuracy multiple times and the product has always passed with flying colors.

It can definitely match expensive light meters when it comes to the accuracy and precision of the results. Considering that many will be using this at home, the measurements are reliable enough for personal use.

It has a built-in lumisphere that can be switched between two incident or reflected readings. The switch is located right underneath and can be easily turned one way or another with the thumb. The lumisphere does not rotate.

This light meter includes a lumidisk diffuser to provide brightness and contrast readings. This light meter has a quality LCD screen, albeit a bit small. It is more than suitable for regular use and you can rely on this light meter for years to come.

Sekonic L-308S Flashmate Digital Incident, Reflected & Flash Light Meter
330 Reviews
Sekonic L-308S Flashmate Digital Incident, Reflected & Flash Light Meter

Dr.Meter LX1010B 100,000 Light Meter with LCD Display

This is one of the latest releases from the popular Dr. Meter brand. It remarkably offers a wider than average measuring range compared to the typical light meter, and does have a host of new features users can benefit from.

The device is highly prepped to provide super accurate measurements of the density of the incident of luminous flux on any given surface. You get measurements in metric values. This light meter is suitable for personal, scientific and construction use.

This light meter can measure lux from 0 up to 200,000, which are wider than usual parameters. Units can be switched between lux or footcandle depending on preferences. Switching between is easy as flipping a tiny switch.

The 9V battery on this light meter can last up to 200 hours on a single charge. Battery duration will vary depending on use. Other features include auto zeroing, data hold, and over-the-range indication.

Dr.meter LX1010B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0-100,000 Lux Luxmeter
155 Reviews
Dr.meter LX1010B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0-100,000 Lux Luxmeter
  • Display: 3-1/2 digit 18mm LCD
  • Ranges: 0 - 100,000 Lux
  • Accuracy: ±5%
  • Sampling rate: 0.4second
  • Power: 9V battery

Dr. Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light

This visually appealing light meter comes packed with a number of functions. It’s highly accurate and offers excellent reliable readings for home users. It’s highly unlikely that you will be misled with readings off the mark.

It has a 9V battery, which is quite powerful and can perform for several hours on a single charge. Its small size means you can easily carry it around. Overall build is highly durable.

This digital light meter can measure up to approximately 10,000 footcandles of light, or 100,000 lux in in conventional terms.

You can simply and easily measure how much light ends up falling on any surface without a hassle with this device.

It has auto zeroing capability and offers over-the-range indication as well. It has built-in data memory you can access at a later time. Plus, it gives off an alert when the battery is low so you know when to replace batteries before they start degrading.

Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter
534 Reviews
Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter
  • 4-Range: 0/200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux
  • High Accuracy and rapid response, Auto Zeroing
  • Over-range indication, Unit and Sign display for easy reading
  • Data Hold & Peak-Data hold switches, Low power consumption, Short rise and fall time
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster

This is a light meter that is smaller and more lightweight than the average device. It weighs barely a pound. As for dimensions, it measures at 6.7×3.5×1.9. The smaller build makes this light meter very easy to transport. It also fits on the palm very easily.

Compared to other light meters, this product is a bit more costly. Yet the unique build and the features available make it well worthy of the price.

This light meter comes with a mono degree meter to measure spot and a diopter that is adjustable. These features are very useful for professionals like photographers. There’s a trigger for radio flash as well.

It has data hold up to nine different readings. The user can customize various types of profiles for gadgets like cameras using modes like shutter priority or aperture. In mixed and ambient settings, this meter provides combined readings.

In addition, it is dust proof, splash proof according to JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4 and can be used in any type of weather. This light meter is highly recommended for outdoor use.

Sekonic 758DR DigitalMaster Lightmeter
71 Reviews
Sekonic 758DR DigitalMaster Lightmeter

HDE LX-1010B Digital Luxmeter

This light meter is limited in range, but it makes up for it with ease of use. This product is suitable for measuring light approximately up to 5,000 footcandles, or 50,000 lux in standard units. It may sound like not much, but it is sufficient for regular use in construction, photography or architecture.

This light meter is accurate in the range of plus or minus 5 percentage degrees. That’s a relatively high level of accuracy for a light meter of this size and price.

This light meter has a sensor, which is placed apart from the reading component, that lets users determine the optimal position for desired light condition. You will need a 9V battery to operate this light meter, which unfortunately is not included.

But you can buy these types of batteries for relatively cheap on the market. Because the battery is not included, the light meter itself is priced very low, so it’s like buying at a bargain price.

Digital Luxmeter/Digital Illuminance Light Meter with LCD Display 0.1-50,000 Lux Range
241 Reviews
Digital Luxmeter/Digital Illuminance Light Meter with LCD Display 0.1-50,000 Lux Range
  • Digital light meter luxmeter will allow you to measure the lighting in any area
  • Accurate up to 50,000 lux +/- 5% | Requires one 9V battery for operation (not included)
  • Detachable light sensor allows you to take measurements in any position or space
  • Great for determining the proper exposure for a photograph to help determine shutter speed and f-number
  • Package Contents :1x digital light meter with lcd display

Conclusion: The above light meters are highly accurate and are suitable for either home or professional use. They are recommended for photographer, construction workers, architects and other professionals that require the use of a light meter. The range in lux for the meters will vary.

All are highly compact and have excellent portability capabilities. It’s up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs. Check the range offered first, and then decide whether you have found the product you were looking for.

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