Best Lug Wrenches 2019 Reviews

A lug wrench is a must have tools for any car owner. Mechanics are not available everywhere. When you are shopping for a lug wrench, there are two things you need to look out for: ease of use and ability to carry.

The lug wrench should be compact enough to fit in the trunk, and also it should be easy to hold and use without expertise. Plus, budget will matter too. Here is a list of affordable, high performance best lug wrenches to choose from:

Best Lug Wrenches 2019

Dorman 711-900 AutoGrade Lug Wrench

This lug wrench comes packed with features. It is uniquely designed to use with recessed lugs and custom rims. As you’d expect, it comes with slim wall sockets. The handle can extend to a whopping 21 inches, so the user gets more leverage to dislodge even the toughest nut.

You can get more leverage and remote nuts and bolts much faster with this wrench. The tool has double-ended sockets, so you get four sizes without needing more than a handful of pieces.

It fits any tire, but be careful with lugs on the metric scale. The measurements could be a bit off. To get metric sizes right, it’s recommended to use a deep well socket with proper metric markings.

Cost wise, it’s significantly affordable. Considering all the features on offer, this tool is well with the price. The lug wrench is really easy to use, so it’s suitable for use by even new car owners. It’s not too heavy or bulky either, so even people unfamiliar with tools can use this relatively safely.

The wrench is universally modeled, so it can fit into the trunk of just about any car model. Plus, it’s protected against rust and corrosion.

Dorman 711-900 AutoGrade Lug Wrench
161 Reviews
Dorman 711-900 AutoGrade Lug Wrench
  • Used to tighten your lug nuts
  • Wheel detachments occur at an estimated rate of 40 to 60 per week in the US studies and both the US and Canada have indicated that about 45 per cent to 50 per cent of these wheel separations are caused by loose wheel nuts

GTE LugStrong #1 Rated Compact Universal Lug Wrench

This tire wrench is one of the most popular available in the market. And that is with very good reason. LugStrong is quite innovatively designed to generate twice as much torque as your average lug wrench.

The wrench has the previously unheard of capability to change its configuration. It also comes with the most common lug nut sizes to use with almost any car.

It even has an adapter to accommodate to any lug nut socket size. Simply put, it has the effectiveness of a good T-style lug wrench plus customizable configuration that adds extra power.

This lug wrench is made from chrome vanadium and there are no plastic parts included. That build makes this tool incredibly sturdy.

The handle has a non-slip grip. The lug wrench comes with a convenient carrying bag as well. Overall, this is one of the best tire irons you can have in your trunk on any road trip

GTE Tools - LugStrong 26' Universal Compact Lug Wrench Set, Super-Strong Tire Iron & Lug Nut Remover - 2X More Torque!  Never Get Stuck on The Road Again!
386 Reviews
GTE Tools - LugStrong 26" Universal Compact Lug Wrench Set, Super-Strong Tire Iron & Lug Nut Remover - 2X More Torque!  Never Get Stuck on The Road Again!
  • DO IT YOURSELF- LugStrong power wrench has the control of a 4 way lug wrench and more torque than a telescoping lug wrench, giving you the power needed to get yourself back on the road safely and quickly.
  • EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED- - The most common standard sockets are built into this versatile lug nut wrench: 17mm, ¾", 19mm, 21mm, and an adapter for any other socket you need to use.
  • PEACE OF MIND- Just store your LugStrong tire wrench set in your spare tire compartment; Whether you're changing your own flat or helping someone else on the road, you'll be prepared for any emergency anytime.
  • DOUBLE DUTY Ultra-strong steel construction, anti-slip grip, and rust-busting torque; this universal tire change kit doubles as a high-torque breaker bar!
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE- We designed LugStrong to be the last wheel lug wrench you ever need to own. Every wheel wrench we sell comes with a lifetime warranty.

Powerbuilt 940558 14 Universal Lug Wrench by Powerbuilt

Inarguably, this lug wrench is smaller than average. There are advantages to this built. Notably, the smaller size makes this lug wrench very lightweight. Some people find lightweight lug wrenches easier to use.

Also, the wrench is very versatile. It’s very suitable for both tightening and loosening of nuts.

All in all, this lug wrench is quite easy to use. The handles of the tool are plated in chrome, mainly to prevent corrosion and rust, but it also gives the tool an appealing look.

This lug wrench is pretty good at keeping rusting and general degradation at bay, so you can use it well for years to come.

This lug wrench is suitable for both personal and auto shop use. It includes lugs in following sizes: 11/16 inches, 17 mm, 3/4 inches, 19 mm, 13/16 inches, 21 mm, 7/8 inches and 22 mm.

Clearly, you can use this with just about any car model. It’s really great for loosening super tight nuts on tires that have been out of use for some time.

Powerbuilt 940558 14'' Universal Lug Wrench
383 Reviews
Powerbuilt 940558 14"" Universal Lug Wrench
  • Chrome Plated Lug Wrench
  • Size: 11/16",17mm, 3/4",19mm,13/16",21mm,7/8",22mm
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Chrome plated lug wrench
  • Lug sizes included: 11/16 inch, 17 millimeter, 3/4 inch,19 millimeter, 13/16 inch, 21 millimeter, 7/8 inch, 22 millimeter

Cartman Telescoping

This is a telescoping wrench known for its reliability. It’s built with really high standards in mind. There no worry of breaking or bending under pressure with this lug wrench. It offers significantly advanced leverage and is remarkably easy to use.

The wrench is designed with a chrome finish that feels really smooth. So it’s well protected against, rust, corrosion and other issues that metal tools often face.

Plus, the chrome finish allows better handling of the tool. The telescoping handle can extend to twenty one inches, at which point it will provide the maximum leverage.

The wrench can be folded to a compact size on fourteen inches for convenient storage in a trunk or a garage. It does come with a carrying case, but you may not need one because of the rust-proof chrome finish.

The lug wrench is constructed with precision and contains hard steel parts to ensure stability and sturdiness. It includes five socket sizes.

CARTMAN TL120404 4 sockets Telescoping Lug, Wheel Wrench
674 Reviews
CARTMAN TL120404 4 sockets Telescoping Lug, Wheel Wrench
  • Telescoping handle extends to 21 inches for maximum leverage
  • Compacts to 14 inches for easy storage
  • Hardened steel and precision construction
  • 1/2" head, 17mm(11/16"), 19mm(3/4"), 21mm(13/16"), 22mm(7/8") socket sizes included.
  • Carry bag included for convenient storage

Performance Tool W7 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench by Performance Tool

This is a highly useful folding lug wrench. It sports a design going four ways intended to maximize user friendliness and functionality. It’s made from heavy-duty drop forged steel, which makes this wrench remarkably sturdy and stable.

The exterior is chrome plated to protect the metal against moisture in the air. It comes only in four metric sizes: 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm and 23 mm. Inches will have to be approximated unfortunately.

The construction of this lug wrench is undoubtedly of very high quality. It’s suitable for demanding garage work as well as personal use. As for leverage, it offers the best torque in the market. The handle is ergonomically designed with gripping surface that prevents slipping. The design makes this lug wrench completely foldable and easy to carry.

It can be stored even in the tiniest space inside a car. Price wise, it’s worth a buy considering the features on offer. If you are looking for a sturdier than average lug wrench, this is the product to go with.

Performance Tool - 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench (W7) Lug Wrenches
286 Reviews
Performance Tool - 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench (W7) Lug Wrenches
  • Proven and Tested for durabilty and function in real world conditions
  • Leading manufacturer of high-quality products
  • Made to withstand the most challenging jobs
  • All our products have been designed with the user in mind
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