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Best Paddle Board 2019 Reviews

Surfing is admittedly a lot of fun but also requires a lot of skill and work. If you want that same adrenaline rush but don’t really want all the hassle that comes along with it, then paddle boarding is the answer. With a paddle board, you are offered a great deal more security and support, making it a lot more fun for those who have only just started out.

Best Paddle Board 2019

Of course, to get the full experience you need the right paddle board to support you. Don’t bother with combing the internet, trying to find the perfect one. This list has everything that you could possibly need. Read on to discover which one your special board is


One thing that you will certainly notice and love about this Atoll inflatable paddle board is its lack of heft. It is estimated to be at least thirty percent lighter than most other paddle boards on the market. While it may seem risky to use an inflatable paddle board, Atoll assures its customers the utmost in quality.

This is because this paddle board is completely wrapped with a second layer of material. This makes it more rigid as well as sturdy. The paddle board is eleven feet long and thirty two inches wide. It is perfect if you want to take another small passenger along with you.

While you do have to inflate it yourself, the high pressure bravo dual action makes this a lot easier. It ensures that whether you are pushing down and pulling upwards, you are still pumping air into the paddle board.

You also get plenty of other accessories, along with the board itself. You get a paddle, hand pump, removable fin, repair kit, bungee tie downs, and travel backpack. Added to all of this year, you also get a two year warranty assurance on the paddle board.

Atoll 11'0' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches Wide) ISUP, Bravo Hand Pump and 3 Piece Paddle, Travel Backpack New Paddle Leash Included (Green)
543 Reviews
Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches Wide) ISUP, Bravo Hand Pump and 3 Piece Paddle, Travel Backpack New Paddle Leash Included (Green)
  • NEW 2019 isup package comes complete with : extra tough isup travel bag, ultra light construction, military grade PVC on this inflatable paddle board - 40% lighter than comparable models while creating an extra ridgid board. Inflatable stand up paddle board comes with : High Pressure Bravo dual action hand pump (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up) 3rd generation hand pump (up to 15psi), front and back bungee tie downs, travel backpack with waist strap
  • ISUP now comes standard with 4th generation black fiberglass isup adjustable lightweight 3 piece, floating, paddle with nylon blade. Detachable extra durable removable fin compatible with all universal/ US fin boxes, NO lost screws fins, no tools needed and compatible with almost all aftermarket fins.
  • Sleek new upgraded heavy-duty paddle board backpack / travel bag (large enough to fit pump, paddle, paddle board ISUP), zipper opening allows ISUP dry while being stored.. NOW INCLUDES EXTRA TOUGH 10' POLY FLEX PADDLE LEASH
  • 6 inches thick, 32 inches wide and 11 feet long, the perfect all around board. Tested and quality assured ISUP board, Fully wrapped with second layer of PVC material on the top and bottom: creates a stiff, rigid and sturdy board, now with 15 D-rings on the deck to tie down anything you need including kayak seats. Supported ISUP riders at 300 lbs with ease (see image) and has been water tested at 350 lbs, your perfect all around board great for touring, fishing, yoga any paddle needs you have.
  • Tri fin design enables easier and more efficient tracking. 2 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY - Atoll Board Co's inflatable boards are covered from any workmanship or material defect for a period of 2 YEARS. ATOLL BOARDS offers only the highest quality products and stand behind them 100%, become part of the fastet growing lifestyle sports in the world.


The ISLE standup paddle board has been constructed out of epoxy technology. This has resulted in a board that is equal parts light as well as tough and durable. Due to the shape of the board, riders of all experience and skill level will be able to use it with ease.

Even those who have only just started with paddle boarding will find it accommodating.

It is also great for all types of weather because it stands up well to both flat water as well as higher waves.

Whether you are looking for something to keep you steady or if you want a paddle board that is a little bit more versatile, this one is it.

This is a package deal and for the overall cost, you get an adjustable paddle and a fin. It is also available in three different style options.

You can choose from the aqua, wood, or blue design. If you are planning on moving around place to place with your board, this will not be a problem. It comes with a comfortable groove handle that makes it easy to lug this board around.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board (6' Thick) iSUP Package | Includes Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carrying Bag, Leash, Pump (Yellow - 2017, 11')
172 Reviews
ISLE Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board (6" Thick) iSUP Package | Includes Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carrying Bag, Leash, Pump (Yellow - 2017, 11')
  • AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION - Max Rider Weight 350 Lbs | Board Weight 22 Lbs | 5 Minutes to Inflate/Deflate
  • GREAT FOR ADVENTURE - Extra gear storage for those who like to paddle off the beaten path
  • ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6" thick - No more dings or damage
  • INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Adjustable Carbon Shaft / Nylon Blade Paddle, Carry backpack, High Pressure Pump, Coil Leash, ISLE Sticker Pack & Manual, and Snap In Travel Fin
  • 60 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS - Risk free returns within 30 days


The Tower paddle board needs to be inflated before it can be used. It comes with its own pump to make the task go a lot faster. Although it may be inflatable, this is an incredibly resilient paddle board. It is made from military grade PVC material and has drop stitch construction.

This means that you do not have to worry about putting this paddle board through its paces. It is unlikely that you will any dings or scratches to deal with.

You also really will not feel as though you are using an inflatable paddle board. This board is so rigid it will feel quite similar to a hard board. It is more than just sensation, however, when on the water, the board can take up to 350 pounds in weight.

For the price that you pay, you also get a fin as well as a fiberglass paddle that can be dismantled into three pieces. The paddle has incorporated a new design that has two holds in the front. This way, you can move the paddle board around by yourself.

Tower Inflatable 9’10” Stand Up Paddle Board (Gray Adventure 1)
541 Reviews
Tower Inflatable 9’10” Stand Up Paddle Board (Gray Adventure 1)
  • Amazing Rigidity
  • Easy to Store
  • Stable and Maneuverable
  • A Viable EPS/Epoxy Board Alternative -- We're Not Kidding!


This Ten Toes Weekender paddle board revolutionizes the way that inflatable paddle boards are perceived.

This is because the company has gone above and beyond to make sure that their paddle board is just as tough and strong as any hard board.

This is achieved with the help of military grade PVC and drop stitch construction.

You don’t have to worry about getting adventurous with your Ten Toes paddle board because it will definitely hold up. In fact, in some ways, it is actually a lot better than hardboard.

This board is able to safely cruise past rocks and other things that may cause damage to hardboard. Once you have got this paddle board out onto the water, it is able to hold up about 250 pounds.

Along with this really cool paddle board, you get a pump, fin, and a lightweight aluminum paddle. If all of this is not enough, Ten Toes also assures you a complete one year warranty. Also, in terms of cost, this paddle board is definitely one of the more affordable ones on the market.

Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Bundle
185 Reviews
Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Bundle
  • This is the most stable inflatable standup paddle board for people of all skill levels (recommended weight limit is 250lbs)
  • Made of military-grade PVC, making it virtually indestructible
  • Measures 10'x30x6" when inflated & is just as firm & stable as other SUPs, can be rolled up into compact package 11x36" for easy transport and storage
  • ISUP bundle comes with indestructible iSUP, 3PC adjustable & lightweight aluminum paddle, 3 fins, manual pump, & repair kit
  • Includes Ten Toes' 2 year warranty


The Solstice Bali standup paddle board is the cheapest board on this list. Therefore, if you are looking for a more cost effective way to bring your paddle boarding dream to life, this is it.

Despite the lower price tag, you will not feel as though are missing out on anything.

This is an inflatable paddle board but is made from PVC reinforced fabric components.

This means that it has been built to handle all types of riding and surfing. In addition to being strong and easily able to hold up a myriad of surfers, the Solstice board has another advantage.

It is incredibly rigid and will just like a hardboard would. Despite this strength, you will be surprised to find that this paddle board is, in fact, quite light.

When combined with its sleek design, it is incredibly fast out on the water. This makes it the perfect entry paddle board for someone who is just starting to dip their toes in the water. You also get a travel bag, pump, and gauge with the paddle board.

Solstice by Swimline  Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard with Paddle
9 Reviews
Solstice by Swimline Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard with Paddle
  • Bali High-pressure 10-Feet8-Inch inflatable paddleboard Sleek, lightweight and fast
  • Extremely rigid and strong
  • Includes 4 stainless tie-downs for securing gear
  • Durable 1000 Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material
  • Kit Includes: Paddle, Carry bag, pump and gauge

Conclusion: If you are itching to get out onto the waves, there is no need to hold out any longer. Simply choose a paddle board on this list and you will take your first step into venturing forth into an adventure. You cannot go wrong with your choice.

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