Best Vehicle Ramps 2019 Reviews

Many vehicle owners prefer to maintain their cars or trucks by themselves. This means that they need to be able to take a nice long look under their vehicles. The best way to do this is to elevate your car several inches above the ground. This is why vehicle ramps are the preferred method of carrying out this action.

Best Vehicle Ramps 2019

Not only are they incredibly reliable, it is also very easy to prop your vehicle up. It simply involves driving your car up the ramp and parking it there.

Now, a ramp needs to be strong, sturdy, and dependable in order to carry out its required function. This is why it is so important that you make the right choice. Here are the best vehicle ramps that are worth your time and money:

Magnum 1002-01 Automotive Ramp System

Unlike most vehicle ramps, this one is detachable with a safety chock to keep the pieces in place. Although it comes in separate pieces, there are no tools required to set it up. You simply place the pieces together and use the chock to lock them together.

It is also an incredible value for money as this is an extremely affordable ramp, particularly if you take into consideration what it can do. It is capable of hoisting up to 16000 pounds! Regardless of the vehicle you have, you should have no problem lifting your car.

You should be able to get about a six inch lift, independent of the type of car or truck you own. The raised ridges on this ramp ensure that there is plenty of friction created between the tire and the ramp.

Therefore, there is no chance of the vehicle slipping down. It is worth noting that the ramp itself may prove to be a little too narrow for some certain vehicle tires.

Magnum 1002-01 Automotive Ramp System - 16000 lbs. Gross Weight
57 Reviews
Magnum 1002-01 Automotive Ramp System - 16000 lbs. Gross Weight
  • 16000 Pound gross weight capacity
  • 4 Piece detachable ramp system with safety chock
  • Go Green Manufactured with the environment in mind
  • Easy drive up ramp
  • Easy, no tools necessary assembly

Nicky Nice Auto Ramp

Straight away, it is easy to see that this Nicky Nice ramp set is incredibly durable. This is because both of the ramps are composed of solid steel.

Combined, they are able to take up to 6500lbs in weight! This means that it can easily manage whatever vehicle that you have in your garage.

There are also numerous other features that make this ramp set quite useful. For one, the ramps have raised safety ribs on the side of them. This is to ensure that the vehicle is kept in one place and will not be prone to slipping.

Further supporting this feature are the traction holes that are situated on the incline of the ramps. Therefore, you really can be certain that the tires on your vehicles will not be moving at all.

Another thing that makes these ramps incredibly durable is the fact that they are coated in a powder finish. This means that they are protected from rusting and incurring small scratches and damage.

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set
113 Reviews
Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set
  • 6500 lb. gross vehicle weight (2000 lb. each ramp)
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Raised safety ribs on sides, punched and extruded traction holes on incline
  • 35 in. long
  • Dimmension: 35 x 13 x 9 inches

Scepter 08226 Automotive Ramp Set

These are the perfect set of ramps to keep in your garage. One of the reasons is that it can probably take the weight of any vehicle that you own. These ramps have been created to be able to withstand weight up to twelve thousand pounds.

They can also accommodate wheel widths of up to 35 inches. One of the primary features of these ramps is the core parabolic arch.

This runs through the center of the ramps and is the main provider of support. It also evenly distributes the weight of the vehicle, creating a more opportune system for the ramps.

Another great aspect of these ramps is the grid design. One of the purposes is to create friction, making it easier to hold the vehicle wheels in place. This prevents the vehicle from sliding backwards.

It also makes it perfect for catching all the dirt and debris that may have gotten caught up in your tires. As such, it is great for all types of weather. While these are quite sturdy, they are still light enough to be taken around.

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece
150 Reviews
Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece
  • Core parabolic arch runs through center of ramp to support and distribute weight
  • 12,000 pound weight limit per set
  • Grid design allows water, snow and dirt to fall through for all weather use
  • 9.8 inch X 35 inch
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

Race Ramps RR-40

These ramps are clear favorites and with good reason. The company has essentially produced ramps that have responded to all of the requirements that most vehicle owners have. At forty inches, these ramps are best suited to smaller sport cars.

It works well with older models as well as cars with short noses. One of the main advantages of these ramps is just how well they adhere to the floor.

You can use them on slipperiest ground and still be able to experience that same level of stability.

Even as you drive your vehicle over the ramps, it will not budge an inch. Not only that, you will not have to worry about these ramps messing up your floor. It is guaranteed that they will not scratch or damage the surface that they have been placed on.

These ramps have a solid core which means that it will not buckle under the weight of your vehicle, instead holding it up seven inches in the air. Despite this, the ramps are quite lightweight enabling you to easily carry them around with you.

Race Ramps RR-40 Service Sports Ramps (Pack of 2)
186 Reviews
Race Ramps RR-40 Service Sports Ramps (Pack of 2)
  • Service, maintain or display your sports car, low profile car, or short-nosed vehicle
  • 16.7-Degree angle of approach; fits tires up to 8" W
  • Easy to transport, use, and store; ramps won't transfer heat or cold, won't skid, and won't scuff your floors
  • 1,500 lb. Weight capacity per ramp
  • 100% Solid lightweight high-density foam with traction coating

Trailer Aid Plus Tandem Tire Changing Ramp

This ramp is especially great for individuals who have tandem trailers. In particular, it is excellent for changing tires on the trailers even though this can be used to handle all types of maintenance. Although you get just one ramp, one ramp is all that you need.

You simply have to drive up on the ramp with your good tire, allowing you to change the other.

With this ramp you should be able to get an elevation of a little over five inches. One of the definite perks of using this ramp is it is able to take incredible weights. In fact, it can hold up to 15,000 pounds.

This means that you do not have to unhook your cargo prior to driving up onto the ramp.

It is made of a wonderfully strong polymer which enables it to endure a great deal of stress and pressure. At the same time, this material is quite lightweight, making it the ideal portable ramp. This really is the best choice if you drive a trailer on a regular basis.

Trailer-Aid 'Plus' Tandem Tire Changing Ramp, The Fast and Easy Way To Change A Trailer's Flat Tire, Holds up to 15,000 Pounds, 5.5 Inch Lift (Yellow)
1,224 Reviews
Trailer-Aid "Plus" Tandem Tire Changing Ramp, The Fast and Easy Way To Change A Trailer's Flat Tire, Holds up to 15,000 Pounds, 5.5 Inch Lift (Yellow)
  • Easily change flat tire on tandem wheel trailer
  • Allows you to keep cargo in trailer while changing tire
  • Simply drive the good tire up onto Trailer Aid
  • 5.5" of lift to aid in performing routine maintenance
  • Made of lightweight super strong polymer

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