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Breast Pumps: Things To Look For When Buying Breast Pumps

Experts have said that a mom who is breast-feeding and who is not present with their baby for most of the day will need the use of a breast pump. there is no alternative to it. There are two types of breast pumps on the market today, they are namely manual and electric breast pumps.

Manual Breast Pumps
The manual breast pump needs the most work and only one breast can be done at a time. This type of pump usually works for a mother that needs to be away only for a little while, whose breast is a little full at the time or who needs a little emergency relief and no electric outlet is available. They are usually small in size and easy to manage because they are very light in weight. Cleaning is usually very easy as well. Another great thing is that they can be used anywhere because they do not require any form of electricity to use, so at home or in the woods…all is good.

Now if you are a working mom who needs to be away for long periods of time, then an electric pump is more practical.

Electrical Breast Pumps
As a working mom who needs to be away from her baby hours at a time, an electrical pump is more practical. Can you imagine the muscles you would develop in your hands if you had to use a manual pump to provide enough milk for the entire time you needed to be away? Instead of doing this you can get a double electrical pump. This pump extracts milk from both sides at the same time.

When shopping for either or, here is what to look for:

What are your individual needs?
Okay, let’s be real, because you are a stay at home mom means that you should automatically buy a manual pump. As if you don’t have enough to do! Buy an electrical if you need to maximise your efficiency or just to minimise your time per day extracting milk. Though I would suggest the electrical if you are a working mom, it saves you time and effort all around.

Is it work friendly?
There are moms who have to pump at work, if you are in this category you need to consider a few things…

a: Is it light, portable and easy to clean?
b: Does it come with a carrying case and or a cooling compartment?
c: Does it come with a car adapter, a battery pack or an electric jack
d: If you have to pump on the job does it sound like a jack hammer or does it purr like a kitten

Adjustable suction is a must
Since every woman is different, this also means that as far as suction is concerned, their comfort level differs as well. A breast pump with adjustable suction features is necessary to alleviate any discomfort that a single suction level pump may cause. Ensure that the correct breast shield is included or can be separately bought as well.

This is especially important if you are looking to purchasing a top of the line double breast pump with all the bells and whistles. Make sure that whatever brand that you are looking at, you at least get a one year warranty. Think about it, how many times are you gonna use the pump per day, multiply that by seven days a weeks and then take a guess as to how many months it will be used for then you will see how important having a warranty is.

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