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Choosing a Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

When it comes to dealing with unwanted smokes and fumes in the kitchen, nothing handles the job better than a good range hood.

This is a fact that many homeowners already know and you should also consider getting one if you want to make sure that unpleasant scent disturbs your home during cooking time. So despite the rapid rise of over-the-range microwave ovens, most buyers still prefer the practicality of these hoods.

These days, most kitchen range hoods are now available in stainless steel. Most of these hoods are very stylish and so you don’t have to worry whether it will look good on your kitchen or not. Price range for the expensive types is around $1,000 but there are always other models that are significantly less expensive than that.

Aside from the style and price, it is the performance that matters most when it comes to range hoods. Since it’s not possible to test hoods at your home, what you can do is to study some reviews to get idea about which one best suits your needs.

For instance, you need to pay attention regarding what users say about the hood’s capability to exhaust smokes and fumes. If noise is a factor, then you should also look for one that performs quietly. Also, low and high lighting level should be another factor to think about.

Of course, you also have to consider what kind of hood you want. If you prefer something that can be installed in the bottom of you cabinet, an under-cabinet hood is exactly the thing you need. On the other hand, wall chimney hoods are ideal for kitchens that do not have cabinets. This is because it can be mounted on an exposed vent stack.

Getting a range hood with high cubic feet per minute (CFM) doesn’t automatically guarantee better performance. It only means quicker venting but it doesn’t always follow that it does better in terms of capturing and removing smoke. Also, it helps to be informed whether a hood has washable or replaceable filters.

Once you are done selecting which range hood is best for your kitchen, buying and installing it the right way should be your next priority. Simply follow the included instructions as found in the manual. Most often than not, this means you will have to install the hood at least 18 to 30 inches above the burner

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