How Most Top Load Washers Work

Let me try to explain to you how most top load washers work. These washers are called top load washers, because the door and the opening are located on the top panel.

OK here it goes, when the washer gets plugged in the 120 volts wall outlet electricity flows to the timer on/off switch. This switch is activated by the timer knob, when you pull the know the timer is on and when you push the knob the timer is off. So if this switch do not work, the washer will not do anything.

The timer will direct the electricity to the proper parts according to the selection that you set the washer on.

On the beginning of the regular cycle, the washer starts filling with water according to the water temperature you selected.

When the washer fills to the selected level, the load switch switches from filling to agitating. At this time the motor starts and the washer begins the agitation cycle for 10 to 14 minutes.

After the agitation cycle, the washer start the draining cycle and the soapy water is drain from the washer and the washer spins the clothes to squeeze the soapy water out.

After that the washer start to fill with the rinse water which in most cases is cold water. The washer will agitate for a little while to remove the soap from the clothes.

After that the washer will begin the last drain cycle. After draining the rinse water, the washer starts the last spin cycle. In the beginning of the cycle, the washer will spray water for seven seconds a couple of times, then it will spin for about five more minutes until it finishes the complete cycle.

Well, that is basically how the regular top load washes cleans your clothes. By knowing how the washer works it will be easier to diagnose any problem in the washer on the future.

We hope that this be of help to you in understanding how the top load washer works.

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