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How to Choose the Best Pool Pump for Your Pool

Deciding on the best pool pumps isn’t an easy task. Buy one that is too weak and it won’t clean effectively, choose on that’s too strong and it will leave your water cloudy and unwelcoming.

Before you start your search, it’s advisable to know exactly what this device is responsible for and why you need one. Pool pumps are responsible for the water flow in the pool; they circulate the water through the filtration system and then pump the water back into the area, ensuring it’s clean at all times. There is nothing worse than green water, which is why these devices are so important.

The reason these devices are essential is they eliminate bugs and algae. Algae is a green slime which will eventually grow on the floor and sides of the feature, often turning the water green.

Pool pumps that are too strong won’t only result in cloudy water, they will waste energy. In most cases homeowners don’t need such a powerful device. You need to take the capacity of the space into consideration along with the flow rate, turnover and resolution. If you are unsure at any stage, it’s advisable to get some professional assistance to ensure you don’t overcomplicate it and end up with a device that is too powerful or too weak.

The best way to find out your capacity is to measure the depth in the shallow and deep side of the feature, you then want to combine the two together and divide by two. This will enable you to give the information to the company you choose to work with.

They will also ask you to measure the size of the area, which means length and width. With measurements in hand you are able to discuss your requirements with the company, ensuring you don’t end up with a pool pump which is too strong.

Most people run their pool pumps on a regular cycle of eight hours on and sixteen hours off, just bear in mind that during those sixteen hours is when it starts to grow algae, which is why it’s essential to work out the correct cycle for your particular size.

When choosing pool pumps, you will want to how what the flow rate and turnover is. Flow rate is the number of gallons per minute, while the turnover is the minimum time frame the device will take to circulate the entire area.

It’s essential that you choose a reputable and reliable company to choose from that only sells high quality products. There is no point paying the lowest possible price available to find that the device you have chosen doesn’t manage the water correctly.

In many cases homeowners will try and keep their costs as low as possible, but when it comes to these types of devices, cheaper is not always the best option. Paying slightly more for a good quality product can save you money in the long run.

Ideally you want the product to be high quality, made by a leading and known manufacturer. It should have a good efficiency rating, helping you save on your energy bill while enjoying the convenience during the summer months.

The product you choose should be able to circulate the water with ease without it becoming cloudy or full of bacteria.

If you are unsure on which to choose, discuss your requirements with a professional. They will be able to tell you exactly which modern pool pumps will work in your feature, ensuring you have a healthy and clean pool at all times.

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