How To Pick The Best Electric Shaver

Most men feel the need to shave regularly, and almost all of the ones that do, hate it. With the technology of today’s electric shavers, shaving doesn’t have to be such a pain in the neck (quite literally).

But why should I ditch my Mach 3?

There are many reasons why electric shavers blow those old manual razors out of the water. For starters, one of the biggest down sides to shaving is the time it takes. With electric razors, you get a close and clean shave in only a fraction of the time it takes manually. Shaving with a blade often times leads to cutting and irritation of the skin. This is not a problem for electric shavers. You almost have to be trying to cut yourself with one, and if irritation occurs it is only for the first couple of uses as the skin adjusts.

On top of that, electric shavers are less messy and super portable for on-the-go shaving. No need to lather up and have to rinse clean all while dripping water all over the place, all you have to do is shave. Running late? No problem, just shave in the car (not while texting of course), you can’t do that with a manual razor.

With all the different models and brands available today, it makes it hard to just pick a shaver and know you got the right one for your specific needs. You could spend days or longer researching all the shavers and still not have a clue unless you know what you need to look for in an electric shaver.

Here are some points to make note of when looking for the best electric shaver.

Shaver Type– Obviously the most important factor in picking shavers is the type of shaver you prefer. There are rotary shavers that have round rotating blades underneath protective heads, and foil shavers, which have a thin piece of metal over a flat surface, Also, there are dry and wet models. Wet shavers, as the name implies can be used in water, so you could shave in the shower or with or without shaving cream.

Maintenance– Many shavers come with built in cleaning systems that will run cleaning solution through the shaving head removing all dirt and gunk build up from use. This means you wont actually have to take the time to clean your shaver manually.

Price– Electric shavers can be bought for around $20, but they can also be bought for around $200. This is one area where the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. Some of the shaving technology you get from the higher priced shavers is astonishing compared to the lower priced models. Either way you go, you still come out better than you would buying replacement blades for a manual razor for a year, and you will get more mileage out of it as well.

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