How to Style Your Hair Using Heated Hair Rollers

Bouncy, curly hairstyles are always fashionable and desirable. They can be simple and easy to create by using the right styling products and techniques.

One of the most important factors is the position the heated rollers ends up on the scalp, this is a result of the direction and angle from which you cold the hair before wrapping it in a roller. Their are also alternative securing products you can use such as velcro or ‘rag rollers’. These bendy lengths of cushioned plastic which are used to wrap the hair is long rolls which are then bent into a small circle. The problem you may find with these methods is that they often take much longer to apply than heated rollers. Another important factor is the lack moisture within these products.

To create small ringlet styles you should use long, rollers with small bunches of hair wrapped tightly around the rollers. To add a shine effect to your curls you should use steam heated rollers. The steam within the rollers will add water and moisture to the hair which will will prevent breakages and split ends within the strands. The warm moisture will also add a shine effect to the hair.

Heated Rollers with a Teflon coating are excellent at resisting hair product build up, eliminating the snagging or grabbing of hair when rolling or unrolling. This will reduce strand breakages and split-ends. Rollers wrapped in velvet will allow damaged hair to slide over the roller, also helping to reduce damage. Rollers which feature a Teflon coating can also be used to prevent styling spray and gel build up by providing an easy to clean and resistant surface. This will help greatly to eliminate gripping of hair when rolling the hair around the the roller.

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