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Introduction to Audio Mixers For Beginner & Professional

An audio mixer is an important electronic item also popular under the name of a mixing console, mixing desk, audio production console or a mixer. The gadget is mainly used for the purpose of combining, routing, and changing the level, tone or dynamics of audio signals. Depending on the type, the device can be used for the purpose of mixing analog or digital signals. The modified signals are summed for creating the combined output signals.

As far as the uses of the audio mixers are concerned, the devices are used in a number of fields today. Starting from the broadcasting, television, sound reinforcement systems, public address systems, recording studios, and film post-production, the devices are used in a variety of settings. Moreover, the gadgets are also used for live performances. In case of live performances, the signal generated by the mixer is sent directly to an amplifier.

The structure of an audio mixer is also simple. It mainly consists of three sections, channel inputs, master controls and audio level meeting. The channel input strips are typically a collection of the same monaural or stereo input channels. The master control section has master faders, sub-group faders, auxiliary return level controls, master auxiliary mixing bus level controls, a stage talk-back microphone control, solo monitoring controls, an output matrix mixer and muting controls.

In case of smaller mixers, you will find the inputs on the left of the mixing board and the master controls on the right of the mixing board. On the other hand, you will find the master controls in the centre with inputs on both sides in case of larger mixers. The audio level meters might be above the input and master sections.

The audio mixers come blessed with a wide range of features. Some of the audio mixers can be easily interfaced with computers and other recording equipment. The devices are capable enough to add external effects. Some of these gadgets are capable of providing phantom power needed for some microphones. In addition, the gadgets also create stereo sound using monaural signals via balance and pan controls.

Thus, it becomes clear from the above discussion that the audio mixers are widely used products in a majority of areas today. You can buy the best audio mixer via an online shopping store with thrilling offers and discounts. In addition, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, Cubix host bus adaptor kit and other electronics can also be purchased via these stores

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