Maintenance Tips for Your Monocular

Monoculars are easy to handle equipment and of great use when you are in the outdoors. In a way, monoculars are better than binoculars, because they are light in weight, easy to handle and just as powerful as binoculars. It is easy to take care of your monocular as they are usually low-maintenance. However, there are still a few things you must keep in mind if you want your monocular to stay in top condition for years to come.

Keep the monocular in the monocular case when you are not using them

It is important to protect your monocular from dust, dirt and grime. While you cannot avoid using them when you are in the outdoors, you must store them properly when you do not want them. The dealer provides you with a case, soft cloth for cleaning the monocular and an instruction manual to help you clean whenever required or at regular intervals. Follow the instructions and you will happy to see your monocular giving you the best results.

Use only a soft cloth or a lint-free cloth for cleaning

Avoid cleaning it with just about any piece of cloth you see lying around. You must clean the lens and the exterior parts of the monocular with a soft cloth or a lint-free cloth only. Your monocular dealer gave you a polishing or soft cloth to clean your monocular. Make sure you keep this soft cloth in the monocular case and wash it when it gets a bit too dirty. Avoid using rough or rag cloth to clean your monocular.

Cleaning smudges and dirt from monocular lens

You cannot possibly avoid getting smudges, dust and dirt on your monocular when you are in the outdoors. If you leave this dirt on, it can damage the monocular lens. It is necessary to clean the monocular lens for best results. You can also add 1 or 2 drops of rubbing alcohol to the soft cloth to wipe away dirt and smudges from the monocular lens.

Always store your monocular in a dry place

The important thing to remember about storing your monocular is that it needs a dry place. Moist places and fumes from chemicals can damage or corrode the monocular lens beyond repair. It is also necessary that the monocular is kept in a dry place if it is not waterproof. Exposure to moisture can damage the monocular and bring down its vision quality over time.

You must take good care of your monocular. A little time and effort in cleaning and maintaining it will give you outstanding results during your birdwatching or trekking trips.

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