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The Best Crepe Maker – Gadget You Need to Make Your Own Crepe

Crepes are actually easy to make so you can very well do so in the comfort of your own kitchen. However, the tricky part of making crepes usually involves the wrapper since it can never be too thick or too thin. Don’t worry because technology has provided a solution for crepe lovers to make crepe making easier and more convenient at home.

Smoother and even crepes

The crepe maker is what you need to form an even and smooth crepe – something that is difficult to make using a regular pan. Usually round, crepe makers have a non-stick griddle where the batter is spread. The griddle is made of material called die-cast aluminium for easy cleaning and faster heating. These crepe makers are available as standalone units and in variants you can put on your stove top.

Types of crepe makers

Choosing the right crepe maker allows you to serve as many crepes as you want to yourself and to your friends. For starters, there is the stove top variant that has a concave vessel with a convex griddle above it. Stove top crepe makers are cheaper and more convenient for the home. However, there are also electric crepe makers that appear like inverted pans on top of a heating element. although expensive, it allows for more crepes to be made. Commercial crepe makers usually use the electric variant to make as many crepes as they want in one go.

It’s all about the size and the heating time

Whichever crepe maker you are going to choose, make sure that it can quickly heat up and is able to retain the heat properly. Newer models can heat up in less than a minute and can stay hot enough for a long time for warmer crepes. A model with heating controls can also help you determine the best temperature for your crepe. Finally, make sure the griddle is large enough to accommodate the batter.

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