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What Should I Consider When Buying a Double Stroller?

A double stroller is an essential item for parents of twins and parents who have two or more small children. Children get tired fast when you are out walking. Unfortunately we as humans have only one pair of arms. There are several things to consider when buying a double stroller.

Double strollers, also known as a duo or tandem strollers, are available in many different styles. You can always find one that appeals to your lifestyle. When you order a double stroller think about what you will use it for most often. There are double joggers, tandem strollers, sit and stand and double umbrella strollers.

The double jogging stroller is perfect for those who love nature. It can easily be operated over any type of terrain without too much physical stress. The double jogging stroller comes with large wheel, bicycle-style hand brakes and safety belts. The only downfall to this type of double stroller is that it does not fit well in the clothing aisles in most stores and it is heavy. A tandem stroller is narrower, with children sitting in a straight line. It is perfect for those who frequently visit the malls or department stores.

Another plus with tandem trailer is that it usually has large storage basket underneath for diaper bags or bags. This double tandem stroller is not easy to control on grass, dirt, or downhill as it often pulls to one side or the other. It is also somewhat heavy and does not fit easily in the trunks of small cars. The double umbrella stroller is perfect for quick trips to the store or mall. It can accommodate children thirty pounds and under, but does not work well for babies, as the seats do not recline. This type of double stroller is narrower than other side-by-side strollers, so it fits well between most clothing rack. It is a lightweight stroller that folds compact for easy storage in trunks and closets.

A sit-and-stand stroller is the perfect stroller for parents who have a child and an infant. The infant seat can accommodate infant carriers and also reclines completely when the child no longer needs the carrier. This double stroller has a seat for toddlers to sit on and a platform for children who wish to stand. The sit-and-stand is narrow, making it perfect for the mall but does not work well for outdoor activities because of the small wheels. It folds easily and fits in most smaller cars, making it a versatile stroller.

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